• Full-Time Officers

  • It is the policy of the Salisbury Police Department to obtain the best police officers and public safety communications specialists possible. To that end, this department shall practice a regimented, rigorous selection procedure, while simultaneously affording equal opportunity to everyone regardless of race, creed, color, sex, national origin, or age. The department does not discriminate against people with disabilities and affords them the same access to employment provided to all citizens. Where possible, the department provides reasonable accommodations to the known disabilities of qualified people.

    The Salisbury Police Department is a Civil Service police department and, as such, falls under the personnel administration and management prerogatives of the Human Resource Division of the Executive Office for Administration and Finance, One Ashburton Place, Boston, MA 02108. This agency provides police entrance qualification examinations approximately every two (2) years for people seeking a full-time career in municipal law enforcement.

  • Special Police Officers

  • The same statutory provisions that provide for full-time employment opportunities also provides for part-time seasonal opportunities within specified counties, which includes Essex County and the Town of Salisbury. Accordingly, typically depending on need, during the fall of each year the Salisbury Police Department begins a seasonal hiring process that is specified below.

  • 1. All Special Police applicants are required to make formal application with the police department. All applicants must possess a Massachusetts Driver’s License, be twenty-one (21) years of age, and possess a high school diploma or its equivalency. They must also have attended N.E.R.P.I. Reserve Intermittent Recruit Officer Course.

    2. Applicant are required to successfully pass a physical agility test which includes sit ups, push ups and a 1.5 mile timed run. The amount of push ups and sit ups and the time for the run varies by age.

    3. Applicants will be required to participate in an oral interview which will include being questioned and judged on their ability to communicate clearly and demonstrate sound judgement.

    4. Successful applicants must submit to a thorough background investigation. This background includes interviews with family members, neighbors, past and present employers and anyone else who might be familiar with the applicant’s character. The background further includes a complete criminal and credit history investigation.

    5. The applicant must further submit to a complete physical examination, which includes drug test screening, and a thorough psychological evaluation. Both the physical and psychological exams are done at the applicant’s expense and by clinicians chosen by the Salisbury Police Department.

    6. Once the applicant has successfully completed the above requirements they are ready for appointment status as a special police officer for the Town of Salisbury. The officer must at this time provide his own uniform, obtained from a uniform clothier recommended by the Salisbury Police Department. Uniform specifications will be provided at a later date. The officer can expect to incur a cost of approximately $1,500 for uniforms in order to be ready for “street duty”.

    7. The applicant must understand that he/she will incur a total expense of approximately $3,000 before the Town of Salisbury will consider them for a special police appointment. The applicant must also understand that the Town of Salisbury and the Salisbury Police Department assumes no liability in these endeavors taken by the applicant. Further, the Town of Salisbury and the Salisbury Police Department make no guarantees or promises to the special officer on the amount of work hours available after the officer has been certified or appointed a special officer.

    8. Each applicant will additionally be required to spend a minimum of one hundred and sixty (160) hours with a department field training officer before being sanctioned for street duty. The applicant will receive monetary compensation for this requirement.

    If you meet the above criteria and feel that you would be interested in an employment opportunity as a part-time police officer with the Salisbury Police Department, please download an employment application and forward it by mail to the Office of the Chief of Police, 24 Railroad Avenue, Salisbury, MA 01952. Attention: Ann D’Amato your application will be placed on file and you will be notified of the next hiring process.

  • Police Dispatchers

  • The police dispatcher process is similar to that of the special police officer. Dispatchers are not required to attend a N.E.R.P.I. They are, however, trained “in-house” by a certified “APCO” and E-9-1-1 trainer. They are additionally required to attend other training provided by “Powerphone”, “NAEMD”, and/or other similar training agencies, as required by the Salisbury Police Department.

  • Thank you for your interest in our community and with this department.