Project Lifesaver

  • SPD Project Lifesaver Program

  • Pro-active Electronic Monitoring Locating Missing Persons

  • currently unfunded

    The Salisbury Police Department is a participating agency in the Project Lifesaver Program. Project Lifesaver is a proven and consistently reliable rapid response partnership with law enforcement which provides assistance to those who suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease and related disorders, such as Down’s Syndrome, Autism and dementia, and their families.

    As the nation’s most effective program for locating and rescuing victims of these disorders, Project Lifesaver uses electronic tracking systems to locate patients during wandering incidents. Over one thousand search and rescue missions have been undertaken by Project Lifesaver and 100% of the missions were successful, resulting in all persons being found alive and returned to their homes and families.

    Project Lifesaver is not affiliated with any other programs. It is a pro-active, electronic tracking, public safety based program. This program provides, at an affordable cost, an active tracking bracelet to victims of Alzheimer’s Disease and related disorders, which allows the person to be located quickly, as opposed to a passive bracelet, which only provides information once the person has already been found. Because a passive bracelet doesn’t aid in locating the person, many wandering incidents end tragically because the person wasn’t found quickly enough. The electronic bracelet will actually locate the lost person in time to save a life.

    Project Lifesaver is the only program which is based upon an exclusive partnership with local Police, Fire, Sheriff and other public safety agencies to provide training and equipment to accomplish this critical life-saving mission. While the equipment required for this program could be placed with the individual families, it is placed with public safety agencies for several reasons. During a crisis in which a loved one is lost, the situation can be extremely stressful and caregivers, especially those who are elderly or those who have children missing, can become overwhelmed by the technology. Project Lifesaver offers security and peace of mind to victims and their families by relieving them of this responsibility. Public safety personnel are properly trained to deal with the equipment and the search and rescue missions, and are ready to respond with professionalism and compassion when the need arises.

    For more information on Project Lifesaver, contact Executive Officer Robert Roy at the Salisbury Police Department. The telephone number is 978-465-3121.